As we all know, Microsoft was left behind in the Mobile Smart Phone market. Recently Microsoft developed a very powerful OS for smart phones. It is called Mango (Windows Phone 7.5). Nokia and Microsoft signed agreements to promote this for Nokia’s next generation smart phones. Samsung and other manufacturers have already released few phones with this OS.

At Palisha, we are developing some applications for this platform also. I just wanted to write about a practical scenario where you will have to choose between native windows phone application vs HTML5 application.

HTML 5 clients, no matter how impressive their interactivity and the emulation of native application interfaces they present may be, are still second-class clients. But they still lag.  They still feel like they’re emulating something.

If you’re building line-of-business applications, you need a first-class client and you need productivity.  A second-class client will erode user satisfaction, which is never good.  Worse yet, this erosion will be inconspicuous, rather than easily identified and diagnosed, because the inferiority of an HTML 5 client over a native one is hard to identify and, notably, doing so at this juncture in the industry is unpopular.

XAML combined with Visual Studio provides an unprecedented power to the mobile developers.It does not matter what is your LOB (Line of business) XAML/Silverlight has lot to offer to quickly develop stunning applications. In addition, Mango has a very good support for WCF stack (compared to iOS). For many applications, this is a huge help.

I only wish Microsoft came up with something like this two or three years ago. I still believe that, number of cool applications developed for Mango platform will very soon become a credible threat for Apple’s App store.

The following picture shows our windows phone application. This was developed using silverlight.

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