If you already do not know what I mean by ‘Mango’ here, it is the code name for Microsoft’s latest mobile platform ‘windows phone 7.x’. We develop applications for both Apple (iOS) and Mango (Windows Phone 7.x). I wish Microsoft released this platform couple of years ago. Microsoft provides unprecedented power to mobile developers with their platform.

It takes very good developers to put out stunning iPhone (iOS) applications. With all the nice things available in Mango (especially Silverlight), even average developers can produce cool applications in fraction of the time it takes on iOS. With iOS, you cannot make applications look cool without involving decent designers. Where as Silverlight on Mango, provides so many options to visualize your information.

Until very recently most of the windows applications were written using Visual Basic, not because it was one of the great languages, but there were millions of Visual Basic programmers. History might repeat again on their mobile platform. There are millions of .NET developers. They do NOT have to learn anything new to start cranking out Mobile applications on Mango. Where as iOS needs to have MAC machine, Knowledge of XCODE (Objective C). Many people find that to be a steep learning curve.

Just like Apple closed their hardware architecture and let Bill Gates beat them with Open (Intel) hardware architecture in the PC market, Mango might help them comeback in the Mobile Market.

CONCLUSION: Mango is delicious!


  1. Ravi says:

    completely agree with you!

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