EHRs need to ‘grow up’

The following paragraph is taken directly from the above article.

“Due to the new intricacies of organizational connections between different providers, standardization of workflows on existing EHRs won’t really be possible,” Shah says. “Most EHRs are not up to the task of handling the complexities of newly shared accountability and what I call ‘patient team’ business models, so we need EHRs to become more social, more collaborative, and far more integrated than they are now, EHRs need to grow up from the adolescence of basic electronic typewriters and chart storage systems to mature real-time care coordination and collaboration platforms.”

IMHO, very soon the line between EHRS & PHR will blur. If ‘Patient Team’ business model is to be believed, patient is mainly responsible for putting together that team. Patient will select primary care physician and specialists. In fact this is what happens today in real life. Patient will enquire and do research before selecting a given physician.

In our software, when patient logs into patient portal (PHR), he/she can search for physicians and select them to be their care givers. I know, it is not as simple as that. At this point we are trying to emulate the pattern which happens in real life. I will write more about this topic when time permits.

Before I sign off, let me mention the following in the context of cancer treatment:

The ‘patient team’ is becoming important in the context of cancer treatment. If you are following all the developments related to oncology medical homes, you will understand why. In our software we are utilizing this team concept so that patient can easily and effectively communicate with the team. While doing so leave the clear trail of this communication. This trail of communication is important as billing aspects come into play. I must admit, it is not clear to me yet.





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