I still remember this incident which took place in my life. I was in my first year of engineering. My appendicitis had to be removed. After my surgery ‘something’ happened and I lost control of my right hand for almost two years. It was attributed to some nerve damage. I would not have managed it without my family’s support and help.

Coming to back to cancer, knowing the fact you are diagnosed with cancer itself can be very difficult. In this situation you definitely need to build a team of family and friends who can provide physical and physiological support.

This pattern of family members helping during these kind of situations occurs in our lives everyday. Yet, most of the healthcare software we see today offer little help in making this happen. Our team at Palisha realized this pattern that repeats in our lives every day. We did incorporate this social aspects in our software.


Cancer patient can add their friends and family members. The above screen shot is taken from our software. This feature in our software is not just about showing pretty pictures. Once patient adds these individuals, they can look at your records. They will have an opportunity to help you to follow the regimen. We offer this functionality on mobile devices also. This helps to make sure that your loved ones make it to chemo appointments and/or taking oral medications.

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