Reading a book on Startup. Some of the things mentioned in this book stood out and I completely agree with them.

A startup is a highly passion driven and irrational endeavor. Without passion you cannot start a startup. You have to have overwhelming sense of desire to find a solution to problem or to transform a market.

All big businesses start out as little businesses. The personal ambition of the people running the startup decides how big they get.

On a different note, you cannot do it all by yourself. You need to find people who are as passionate as you are and whom you can trust. In my experience, this is the most challenging part. I am lucky with my current endeavor, I found a partner who has the same values as I do. We trust each other and both beleive in what we are trying to accomplish. We understand that we have lot of challenges infront of us, still keep moving forward every single day with the same intensity.

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