I have been developing software (besides doing other things) for many years. Even if you have put a small application on a production server with few users hitting your application, you will know that lot of unexpected things happen. People do lot of different things to tackle the problem. Most of the applications log the errors to log files (using Enterprise Library, Log4net etc.). I have seen some people installing development tools (if your IT ops people let you, of course!) with debugger!!!.

Meet the new kid on the block!

IntelliTrace changed the game for debugging. This lets you go “back in time” (I mean it) to see how an application got into its current state.

How do you take advantage of this?

        • First install the IntelliTrace onto your production server. This can be done by just extracting contents of file to a known location (Ex: c:\IntelliTrace).
        • Create a folder (Ex: C:\LogFileLocation) where the IntelliTrace log files will be written and give appropriate write permissions.
        • Open the PowerShell window and import the IntelliTrace PowerShell module:                                                                                                                           Import-Module c:\IntelliTrace\Microsoft.VisualStudio.IntelliTrace.PowerShell.dll
        • Start collecting IntelliTrace information for your web application. Let us assume that your application pool name is “EcommercePool”, you will start capturing the information by executing the PowerShell Command Start-IntelliTraceCollectionEcommercePool
        • Run your application for sometime and create some scenarios to simulate exceptions.
        • Stop collecting, you will do this by executing the PowerShell Command: 




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