Even though installed windows 8 on one of the laptops quite a while ago, never had a chance to look at all the internals of windows 8 OS and all the software development options. Finally made some time to understand some of these aspects. Here is what I learnt.

WinRT is an abstraction layer over the OS. But, I found the concept of projection layer to be slightly different from what I was used to.




WinJS is nothing but WinRT projection into JavaScript. It comes with quite a few touch optimized controls used to built windows 8 applications. It also includes new DOM constructs.

You must be wondering why go to all this extent to create JavaScript projection?. Well, main reason is to let many developers who are already familiar with HTML,CSS3 and JavaScript start developing windows 8 applications quickly without any steep learning curve. However, this WinJS is not portable to run in web browsers. Unlike PhoneGap, you cannot leverage the same code to run on multiple devices.

If you already know XAML,C#/VB and/or C++, you can leverage that experience to build windows 8 applications. XAML and C# is going to be my choice.

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