Most of the core is built and tested. We are getting ready to release the software in Q1 2013. I had a chance to run some tests to see the performance. These results are from the debug run. Even then, results are looking very good.

835 bench marking

Every claim is made to go through a pre-defined execution pipeline. You may perform things such a NPI verification, routing based on denial amount, if the paid amount is less than some pre-set percentage  notify people etc.. At the end of all this processing, every record is stored in the database including all the operational information. This information is taken from one of our development machine (which is not one of the great machines).

More than this, we are excited about our offering which provides unprecedented horizontal scaling when it comes to EDI processing. I will write more about this in coming few days. If you are in the EDI business where you have to handle large number of records on a regular basis, please contact me at

message processing

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