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Your business receives high volume of EDI documents (example: Purchase Orders) in a very small window (Say, at the end of day). Business requirements dictate that you have to process all them (without missing a single request), create handoff data so that your in- house applications (such as ERP) can process them and also send the acknowledgements back the sender (say, before next morning).

If you receive few hundred requests at the end of the day, you can somehow accomplish this. But, when your business receives 1000’s or millions of EDI records, accomplishing this in a fault tolerant manner becomes very challenging.

In this context, handoff means, you take the incoming EDI document flatten it so that it becomes easy for your applications to consume the message. Most of today’s solutions involve complex mapping process to accomplish this. We have come up with a very innovative ZERO-MAPPING concept. Our solution will let you generate handoff messages with breeze for any kind of EDI messages. Our X12 platform will let you accomplish this in a very fault tolerant manner.

If you are facing above mentioned challenge in your business, contact us. We will work with you to create a POC for FREE.


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