I have seen this trend in many organizations. In their IT department, there is a tendency to be penny wise pound foolish. Instead of buying a a fast computer, they let their resources use computers which are slow.

Let us do a simple math:

Average benefit of your development staff : $100/Hour.

Let us assume that, by using a fast computer (32GB RAM, i7 Processor, SSD etc.) this developer can save 20 minutes per day. This 20 minutes translate to $33/Day. Assuming there are 200 working days in an year this amounts to $6600/Year.

Recently I went to a near by Micro Center and selected the following:

  • A nice mother board
  • Intel i7
  • Two 256GB Solid State hard drives
  • DVD drive
  • 32GB RAM
  • Nice fancy case

Including the assembly cost and taxes, it came up to $1400.00

So, if you invest $1400.00, it will be paid off in first 50 days and you can reap the benefits for next three years (minimum).

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