Before iPhone, we had BlackBerry and PocketPc as smartphone options. I used to own PocketPc. Microsoft did manage to shrink the whole OS onto this small device. Then came the iPhone, they took subset of what was there and focused on simplicity, UX and ease of use. Rest is history.

Similar things are going to happen in the oncology solutions. Cancer regimen is complicated. How do provide all the important information to the decision maker at the point of care? How can we do this  an effective and simpler way? How can we still maintain a great user experience?


Like BlackBerry and Pocket, we have had some great solutions from McKesson, Varian and Altos. There is no end for innovation. People are seeking to make things better. Recent news of Varian and FlatIron  collaborating to build oncology solution is a big step in that direction.

We ( are a very small company compared these companies I have mentioned above. But, we are not short on innovation. The way we present the regimen information at the point of care, the kind of UX we are providing is awesome.

Cancer world needs better tools and solutions. I am glad to be part of the innovation driving this.

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