ignorance and confidence

“All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure”

                                                                                         Mark Twain


I hope there is some element of truth in this quote from Mark Twain.

On one hand we have companies like McKesson, ABC(ABSG), Altos, FlatIron and Varian, who have team of super talented people building cancer related solutions. Besides talented people, they are big, have long history and credibility in the industry (not to mention the access to cash to make anything happen).

On the other hand, we have my tiny company trying to build the cancer related solutions and compete in the same market place. As you can tell, I have plenty of ignorance and confidence. Going by Mark Twain’s quote, I do have chance for success Smile

Kidding aside, what we have in our product PIIKER (www.piiker.com) is really amazing. In order to build a comprehensive cancer solution many things have to be place (agent management, cancer site and ICD 9 & 10 management, side effects, ability to manage regimens, EMR, chemo therapy administration, scheduling, security, user management, scalability, multi-tenancy, performance, patient portal and plenty other factors). How do you architect a product which has seem less integration of these factors yet very simple to use and provides best UX (user experience)? We have done it, it is hosted in Microsoft Cloud (Azure).

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