“Our regimen designer plays an integral part in our platform. For example, when it comes to agents used in the cancer treatment, we have professional information and patient related information. In this blog I am going to write about how we deliver patient pertinent details  through our oncology specific patient portal. Patient engagement is very critical in the cancer world. A good patient portal will help in engaging patients to provide an effective treatment and contain costs.”

The following screen shot taken from our oncology specific patient portal shows list of regimens assigned to a patient. Just by a click of button, patient can see many useful aspects about his/her regimen. Providing ultimate UX (user experience) is a very deliberate design in every part of our application.

patient portal blog

Here when patient expands the regimen to see more details, there is an option to see list of agents. Next to the names of these agents, there is a document icon. When use clicks on this icon, they will be presented with the patient centric information about that regimen. You may be wondering how this agent information gets into the platform. That is where our regimen designer comes into picture.

In our platform, we are digitizing all the content related to cancer. It lets us deliver this content in many scenarios, including this particular scenario in patient portal. Regimen designer is the tool which will let you manage this digital content.

If we are able to provide such a rich experience in patient portal, you can imagine how much more information is made available in our provider facing solutions. At the point of care, we cannot have enough information to make a good judgment call. We present all the information you need without compromising the UX (user experience).

In order for the treatment to be effective, patient adherence is critical. In our patient portal, we provide rich calendaring options. We can deliver reminders (optional) through email and/or text.

patient portal - calendar

This screen shot taken from our oncology specific patient portal, shows scheduled events for this patient.

It is important to deliver clinical information in a patient friendly manner. The following screen shot shows how we deliver lab information to patients through our oncology specific patient portal.

patient portal - lab information

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