The topic of patient scheduling in EMR is anything but new. However, patient scheduling in oncology specific EMR software needs some special considerations. When patient cannot make it for a given CxDx, should we consider shifting rest of the CnDn?


The following imaginary patient “Jane Doe” is on ACT regimen and her chemotherapy treatments are scheduled as follows.


If she cannot make it for C1D2 on scheduled date, there must be a easy option to shift rest of the treatment schedule accordingly. I was not sure what needs to be done. Finally decided to provide the option of automatic shifting of treatment days in our EMR software.

From what I understand, it is important to keep track of planned chemo admin date and actual administered date. Adherence to the planned dates has an impact on the efficacy of the chemotherapy treatment.

Cancer treatment workflow differs from other specialties in many ways. It needs a oncology specific solution. Scheduling is just one of those special cases.

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